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General conditions of sale 

We ask you to read the general conditions detailed below which will be applied to all trade shows organized by Believe Convention. You agree upon purchasing your ticket to respect them.

Conditions of access to the agreement

It is mandatory to have a Pass to access the event as well as to buy and access extras.

You are not authorized to buy an “extra” ticket without first having purchased a Pass.

You must provide us with the purchase of your Pass the names of the participants. As soon as we have recorded these, they will be in a database, and therefore the ticket remains nominative and cannot be modified.

To access the event, you will need to have your e-ticket scanned (sent by email beforehand) in order to retrieve the bracelet given by the staff which will allow you access to the event.

Depending on the type of event, the wristband may be issued upon presentation of a photo ID in addition to your e-entry ticket. Without these documents, you will be denied access to the show. If your event is concerned, this will be mentioned in the instructions sent by email but also published on our various social networks before the event.

Depending on the format of the event and/or your type of pass, your seats may be numbered. Thus, your seat number will be indicated on your wristband. We ask that you respect the location assigned to you.

Wearing the bracelet is compulsory throughout the event, and it must be presented to the staff for all access. The absence of the bracelet or the refusal to present it may prevent you from accessing the event or the activities.

Group tickets will be given to the person designated at the time of purchase, upon presentation of all the identity documents of the persons forming part of the group.

Tickets are neither refundable, nor exchangeable, nor modifiable, except in the event of cancellation of the event on our part. Their resale is prohibited unless otherwise stated.

Believe Convention reserves the right to change the date and location of the event to obtain the maximum number of guests present.

In the event that the event is postponed, the tickets will automatically be postponed to the new date announced. If you cannot attend the convention on this date, you will automatically be reimbursed. In the event that the show is canceled in its entirety, the tickets will be automatically refunded.

If you have to cancel your presence at the event, no refund will be possible. No exceptions will be made. 

The arrival of guests is contractual. A cancellation of their presence due to professional commitments or any other circumstances cannot be a reason for reimbursement of your entry pass.

In the case of a minor:
You must complete a parental authorization downloadable here. You will be asked to provide us with the identity document of the person who completed the authorization on the day of the event.
For all persons under the age of 16, it is compulsory to be accompanied by an adult throughout the period of the convention. The accompanying person must have a pass to gain access to the convention. Access will be refused to any accompanying person without a pass or to any minor without an accompanying person without the possibility of reimbursement.


Loss and theft
Believe conventions, its volunteers and the convention venue are not responsible for any loss, theft or damage incurred during the event.

Purchasing passes and extras 

You must have a pass to be able to buy extras. You will not be accepted at the convention if you do not have a pass.

  • All our tickets are available on the event that corresponds to it. The different payment methods are: Credit card and Paypal. You do not have the option of paying in installments for day passes and small passes. After purchasing a pass or an extra, you will be able to download your e-ticket. You will need to print this e-ticket and present it to the Believe Con team to collect your access badge and wristband. 

  • Tickets payable in installments.
    For these tickets, you will need to purchase payment 1, payment 2 and so on and pay for each one month apart. With each payment you will receive a pass which will allow you to access the convention, be careful to take each pass to be able to access the convention. In the event of non-payment in full, you will not be able to access the convention.

  • Each extras e-tickets are scanned before the activities, so it is important to have them with you on the day of the event, either in printed version or in PDF from your phone.

  • For any event, you will have a numbered seat that will allow you to find your way around the room. Seats are allocated according to the category of the Pass you have purchased.

  • Photoshoot: Payable at the ticket office and available on site within the limits of available stocks. Solo photo, one ticket per person, duo and trio photo, a ticket for two people is possible. You collect your photo the same day of the event and you have the possibility of making double prints on site. 

  • Autograph: One ticket per car, if you want to sign two supports, you need two tickets. This is the only time when it is possible to give a gift to the guests.

  • Selfies: They can only be done during an autograph. The purchase of an autograph is therefore necessary for any purchase of a selfie. A ticket for a selfie. 

  • Meeting: Time in a small group with a guest and thirty people for half an hour. Questions answers. As with all other activities, photos are prohibited during meetings. A group photo will take place at the end.  

  • Evening and other activities: Evenings or other activities may be organized during the event. They will be in small groups and once sold out there will be no restocking.  

Refund conditions :

  • Cancellation of a guest: The tickets are either refunded to you or exchanged for the guest of your choice. All refund terms will be posted on social media.  

  • In case of cancellation of the event: Tickets and extras are fully refunded. 

  • In case of postponement and change of date: All extras already purchased will be transferred to the new date. If it is not possible for you to travel to this new date, we will offer full refunds within a given period. Once this period has passed, it is no longer possible for you to be reimbursed.   

  • If you cannot make it to the convention, the passes and extras acquired are non-refundable except in special cases. 

  • For any PMR request, please send an email to

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